Self adhering SmartSheets® is a multi-use writing, training, display - and play! - tool for Kids of all ages!

Charged with the power of static cling, SmartSheets® turns almost any flat surface into an instant writing or display area – without the use of damaging tacks, tape or glue.

Using SmartSheets® is as easy as pull - tear - place - smooth - write. The rolls come perforated in standard measures of 80cm x 60cm, but will remain intact to create writing surfaces of up to 32 metres long. The handy container dispenses the sheets like paper towel, keeping them clean, neat and ready to use. SmartSheets® store easily sitting on a shelf, desk or window ledge or hanging from a hook or wall mount.

SmartSheets® is the perfect teaching / learning / communication aid for the Classroom, Daycare, Playroom – and even the home!

In the classroom

Learning becomes fun and easy with SmartSheets®! Use them for:

  • Drawings and Diagrams
  • Problem Solving
  • Quizzes
  • Discussion Notes
  • Lists
  • Current Events Board
  • Projects
  • Artwork
  • To Do's . . . and more!

In the Daycare

Kids love to draw and show off their "stuff ". SmartSheets® lets children capture and showcase their creativity - instantly. Just tear off a SmartSheets®, place it on the wall ... and let them draw!

At Home

Protect your walls. Use SmartSheets® as an at-home communication and display board. The static quality of SmartSheets® allows photos, photocopies and printouts to cling effortlessly against most any flat surface.

Stick a sheet on the kitchen wall - Leave notes, create lists, plan vacations.

Stick a sheet on the refrigerator - Showoff school pictures, artwork, projects and report cards.

Stick a sheet in your child's room - Hang posters, pictures and all things precious on SmartSheets® – all without tacks tape staples or glue!

Use SmartSheets® as a study tool

Any teaching professional will tell you that displayed ideas stick. SmartSheets® lets students create visual aids for difficult concepts and display them where they can be referenced handily, easily and repeatedly. Get Organized! Get Smart! With SmartSheets®!

Smart for the Environment!

Set a great example. When it is time to discard your SmartSheets®, do so in good conscience knowing that the sheet, the roll and the dispenser are all recyclable!

SmartSheets® Presentation Sheets
For Business... and for Kids!

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