These sheets are so smart we call them SmartSheets™

SmartSheets™ are a dynamic alternative to conventional writing and display-sheets. They cling to most hard surfaces without the use of damaging tacks, tape, staples or glue.

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Smart Sheets – what a fantastic concept! As an administrative professional working in a college as assistant to the Vice President Academic, much of my work revolved around taking meeting minutes and notes from brainstorming sessions.

Smart Sheets are static charged, so they cling to any solid surface; permanent markers do not bleed through (hotels and convention centers LOVE this aspect) and when I get them back to my office, they stick to the wall near my desk and I can capture the notes in short order. If one uses a whiteboard marker, it can be erased and used again. Other pieces of paper can stick to Smart Sheets. They come in a very handy dispenser and are truly a marvel. As a bonus…..they are assembled in Canada!

Arlene Stone