5 Tips on how to be more productive at work

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5 Tips on how to be more productive at work

Your workday may be long, but how much are you actually getting accomplished? If you feel like you are spending hours at work but not seeing the fruit of your efforts, perhaps it's time to take a look at your productivity levels! To get you started, here are 5 tips on how to be more productive at your job!

1. Keep your to-do list short and relevant

While you may think you have tons of things that need to get done, a mile-long to-do list can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Cull any items that aren't urgent and focus only on the tasks that need to be completed.

2. Cut back on emails

While emailing is a handy tool, sometimes time is wasted going back and forth. You can often get a much more direct answer by picking up the phone and calling.  

3. Pick a task and focus on it

While it's tempting, multitasking can often inhibit productivity. Choose one item from your to-do list and, if possible, try not to tackle something else until it's completed.

4. Set a timer or alarm

If you find yourself easily distracted (hello social media, anyone?), set an alarm and don't allow yourself to deviate from the task at hand until the buzzer sounds. This is also a great way to remind yourself to take a break! Speaking of...

5. Take breaks!

Your brain and body will thank you! Grab a snack, go for a walk, do some stretching. This is especially important if you have a desk job.


How do you stay productive during the day? Be sure to share your tips!

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