SmartSheets® FAQ

What are SmartSheets™ made from?
SmartSheets™ are made from polypropylene film (plastic), 46 micrometres thick.

To what surfaces do SmartSheets™ cling?
SmartSheets™ will cling to any flat, dry and clean surface including plaster, drywall, glass, metal, wood panelling, flat wallpaper and even some fabrics. The surface should be clean and dry e.g chalk left on a chalkboard will prevent SmartSheets™ from adhering.

How many sheets are in a roll?
40 sheets, perforated.


What is the size of a sheet?
Each sheet measures 60 cm x 80 cm (23.5" x 31.5") about the size of flip chart paper.

Do SmartSheets™ come in different sizes?
SmartSheets™ comes in one size but the sheets can be hung side by side in rows to increase the writing area, overlapping slightly to avoid seepage.

What do I use to write on SmartSheets™?
Good quality markers are best. SmartSheets™ work well with both dry erase and permanent markers- the choice determines whether notes are temporary and erasable or long-lasting and permanent.


How do you hang SmartSheets™?
SmartSheets™ are electro-statically charged to cling to fast, dry surfaces without the need for tape, tacks or glue. Pull out a sheet from the roll dispenser - tear at the perforation- smooth the sheet onto a flat, clean surface - write away!

Are SmartSheets™ recyclable?
Yes. The polypropylene film can be recycled with plastics- it has a resin code of 5. The dispenser carton and rolls can be recycled with other corrugated papers. The cartons and containers are made from recycled paper.

How long will SmartSheets™ cling?
SmartSheets™ will cling, undisturbed, for several months or even longer. Repeated moving will lessen the static cling and, in turn, the length of time it will remain hanging.


How often can SmartSheets™ be repositioned?
3 to 4 times from and to a clean, dry surface.

Will there be marks after removal?
SmartSheets™ require no tape, tacks or glue that might damage the surface on which it is placed/ The sheets remove and reposition leaving no messy residue on the surface behind. (Note: if the sheet is left hanging for a substantial time dust could accumulate around the edge due to the electrostatic charge).

Are SmartSheets™ reusable?
When using a dry erase marker typically each sheet may be erased and reused as many as 20 times or so depending on how well the surface is cleaned; cleaning lightly with a slightly damp cloth works best after repeated use. Do not rub hard as this will wear down the surface faster.
If left for a few hours, the dry erase marker will not rub off easily and may leave a shadow behind. Using a permanent marker allows the rolls to be rolled up and stored for future (re)use immediately.


How portable are SmartSheets™?
A single dispenser measures roughly 62cm (24") in length and weighs just 1.2kg (2.6lbs). The dispenser fits easily under your arm for transport.

How do you care for SmartSheets™?
SmartSheets™ stay clean and tidy in their own protective dispenser which sits comfortably on a shelf, and stacks neatly or hangs securely for handy storage.

Can company logos be printed on SmartSheets™?
Yes- as a custom print request. The process requires the use of a flexo-press printer (not a digital printer) in order to apply the print prior to the application of the electrostatic charge. Minimum quantity runs in the neighbourhood of 300+ rolls (of 40 sheets). The timeline is in the order of 8-12 weeks after approval of the design template. Initial setup fees apply including plate costs. For more information, please contact us here.

Can SmartSheets™ be used outdoors?
In a completely draft-free, dry locations at temperatures around 20° (72°F) the sheets will cling for a short time. However, it is recommended that the sheets be used indoors- outdoor conditions (wind/temperature/dampness) will diminish the electrostatic cling.

Can paper stick to SmartSheets™?
Yes, SmartSheets™ are electro-statically charged so that lightweight papers, photos and printouts will cling to them without tape, tacks or glue. Rub the item against the hanging sheet to catch the charge- then let go.

Is there a front and back side to SmartSheets™? The logo interferes with mapping when multiple sheets are used.
No - both sides are statically charged. Turning the sheet over so the logo is at the back then overlapping it slightly with a second page will make the logo virtually invisible at viewing distance.

How are SmartSheets™ used?

For meetings and workshops:

For displaying:
To Do Lists
Posters and Marketing Messages

In the classroom:
Drawings and diagrams
Discussion Notes
Class Assignments
Current Events

At Home:
Study tools for students
Message board for family
Planning board for workshop projects
Workout Routines in the home gym
Display school pictures and projects, report cards and artwork

On The Road:
Recording club meetings
Posting notices at community events
Coaching in the team locker room

Other purposes:
Viewing screen (for projectors/PowerPoint)
Privacy (on windows)
Shade screen (on windows)
Drawing and doodling