6 other uses for SmartSheets

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6 other uses for SmartSheets

We know that people use SmartSheets for planning and taking notes at meetings, but we encourage you to think outside that blue box! We've seen some cool other uses for SmartSheets and thought we'd share them with you!

Window shades
Do you get a glare from the sun certain times during the day? If curtains or blinds are not an option, use a sheet to create a window shade. If it's an odd shape, you can even cut it into the correct dimension.

Table cloth
Need to cover or protect a table in a pinch!? Use some SmartSheets! There won't be any overhang and they will cover any unsightly spots! Bonus- the sheets will cling and won't blow away outside!

Drawing board
...for the little ones, that is! Do you have children who like doodling on the walls? Place some SmartSheets at eye level in their play area for them to scribble away to their heart's content... without damaging your walls!

Window Signs
Need everchanging signage for your window? Or perhaps you'd like to create window art according to the season or holiday? Create your message or drawing and then stick the sheets with the written side facing the window.

Vision Boards
Need a vision board that can be moved around as your goals change? SmartSheets use static electricity so other papers can stick to them without the use of adhesives. You can learn more about creating a vision board here.

Dorm rooms
Stick a sheet to your door as a message board- go retro and send notes back and forth to your friends instead of texting!

Do you have any other creative uses for SmartSheets? Share in the comments below!

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