7 Ideas For Your Home Office Setup

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7 Ideas For Your Home Office Setup

With more and more companies giving their employees the option to work remotely, it's important to have a home office setup that promotes productivity. Here are 7 you can use to create the best home office for your needs.

If possible, choose a space with natural light

Having the right lighting is more important than you may think! Did you know that workers exposed to natural light sleep longer and better than their counterparts? That vitamin D exposure can also promote better health, fighting depression, diabetes and chronic pain. Natural light also encourages productivity and engagement in workers.

Keep work and living spaces separate

While it may seem appealing to spend all day in bed clad in your pyjamas, laptop in tow, this could seriously hinder your productivity. Our brains like to associate specific tasks with certain spaces, so trying to work in the space where you also sleep might make you feel a little too relaxed to focus. While this may be harder to accomplish in a studio apartment, for example, keep your living and working spaces as separate as you can.

Invest in a comfortable chair

Seeing as you will be spending at least half of your day in it, it's important to make sure you have a chair that provides the right support.

Add some plants to your setup

Not only does foliage brighten up your space, but plants also help filter the air. Just remember to add water!

Make sure you have the right office equipment

While it's unlikely that you'll need a full-blown copy machine, your employer should be willing to provide you with the tools needed to properly do your job.

Get high-speed internet

Or at least the fastest available in your area! When it comes to online meetings, file downloads and emails, you don't want your internet connection glitching out.

Set up a brainstorming station

Keep a space away from your desk where you can let your creative juices flow! Have a bulletin board, whiteboard or SmartSheets, if you'd like a writing space that can be moved around.

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