Creating a Vision Board: A tool for helping you achieve your goals

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Creating a Vision Board: A tool for helping you achieve your goals

You've probably heard of vision boards or dream boards before, but what are they and how do you make one? Read on for some ideas!

What is a vision board?
A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a collage created by the user for goal setting and manifestation purposes. The board usually contains images, affirmations and quotes meant to inspire and motivate its creator.

What are the benefits of a vision board?
The process of creating a vision board can help you narrow down and focus on what the goal or goals are that you'd like to achieve. Once the board is finished, the idea is that you place it in a spot where you will see it daily. This will help remind you of your goals and set the tone for what needs to be accomplished to get there.

How do you plan out a vision board?
Not sure where to start? Get some ideas from Pinterest. Scroll through other people's boards to get a sense of what you like. Pin your favourites. Decide what you'd like to include on your board and where you will source your material. Think about board placement- where will you likely see it every day?

How do you create a vision board?
Carve out a time and place where you won't be disturbed. Collect your supplies- don't forget magazines, paper, scissors, adhesives and the board itself. Hint: if you want a board that you can move things around on, try using SmartSheets! Set the mood with music or sounds that you find to be calming and nondistracting, and light a candle or incense in your favourite scent
If you haven't decided on exact words or photos yet, flip through a magazine to see what pops out. Find what resonates with you- keep in mind you don't have to use everything in the final product.
Once you have all of the images and words that speak to you, start arranging them on your board. Refer back to the ones you liked on Pinterest- do you prefer a clean and organized look or do you like your photos scattered? Play around until you find what feels best to you!

Where should you place your vision board?
Hang your vision board in an area where you'll see it every day. Some people like to place it by their nightstand so they can see it first thing upon waking and right as they go to sleep. Make sure wherever you put the dream board, to take the time to focus on the board regularly. Otherwise, it just becomes a meaningless decoration.

Have you made a vision board? What items did you use?

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