Entrepreneurship: Do you have the skills to be self-employed?

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Entrepreneurship: Do you have the skills to be self-employed?

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? Being your own boss does seem appealing, but it's safe to say it's not for everyone! Successful entrepreneurs often have similar skillsets and traits- some that can be learned and others that come naturally. Here's a list of seven that can help you determine whether or not entrepreneurship might be right for you!

An entrepreneur should be a self-starter
Without a boss giving direction and timelines, entrepreneurs need to be able to get the ball rolling themselves. A good business owner should identify what needs to be done and follow through with the task at hand. 

An entrepreneur should be good at time management
Again, when there's no upper management to provide deadlines, an entrepreneur should be able to handle their time efficiently. If you struggle with this, map out how long it should take to do each task and then set an alarm. Once the buzzer sounds, that project should be wrapped up and it's time to move on to the next.

An entrepreneur should be resilient
Working for yourself is not exactly a walk in the park- they'll be plenty of hiccups along the way! Entrepreneurs need to be able to pick themselves up when times get tough instead of throwing in the towel. They also need to be able to learn from their mistakes. That being said...

An entrepreneur needs to be able to handle feedback
Sometimes it takes an outsider to see if something isn't quite working. A good entrepreneur needs to be able to listen to constructive criticism and switch things up if needed.

An entrepreneur needs to be passionate about their business
Entrepreneurs must be able to work hard and put in long hours. If they aren't passionate about their business, it's hard to find the motivation to follow through.

An entrepreneur needs to have a strong work ethic
Being passionate about your business is one thing, putting in the hours to make it succeed is another.

An entrepreneur needs to be creative
Entrepreneurs are generally people who can think outside the box. They can problem solve and come up with new ideas and strategies in their field.

What other skillsets should an entrepreneur have?

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