Loyalist students and SmartSheets® collaborate on photoshoot

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Loyalist students and SmartSheets® collaborate on photoshoot

On October 18th, 2018, students from the Public Relations and Event Management post-grad certificate program at Loyalist College had the opportunity to collaborate with the SmartSheets® team. The students volunteered their time and participated in a photoshoot held inside one of the glass pods in the Link Lounge at the college. The purpose of the project was to create new stock footage for the brand while generating awareness and gathering feedback about the product.
"It's a great way to turn any space into a workspace," said PR student Andrew Mauro. "I like that each tube gives you multiple reusable sheets, so the product will last for multiple sessions or projects."
Mauro and his classmates did some brainstorming while using the sheets and were impressed by its versatility. Jill Hoftyzer said, "The amount of things it can be used for is amazing and it’s great how easy it is to use."

For more information about SmartSheets® visit our "Products" section.

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