Working Remotely: 8 Tips on How to Work from Home

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Working Remotely: 8 Tips on How to Work from Home

With offices and businesses shut down worldwide, there's been a giant shift to working from home. While working remotely is nothing new for some people, for most it is a huge adjustment. Here are seven working from home tips to help!

Keep a routine

While your regular 9-5 schedule may no longer work (especially if you have kids!), it's important to have a weekday routine to keep you on track. Try to wake up and go to bed at a consistent time. Get up every morning like you are going to work and make sure you start and end at the same time every day.

Find a dedicated workspace

Set up an area in your home where you will be less distracted and be able to work comfortably. If you normally travel or are used to being in multiple locations in a day, move your home workspace around!

Make to-do lists

If you don't normally make one, now is the time to start. Look, if you are trying to juggle working from home, homeschooling, daycare on top of everything else, it's probably that you won't get as much accomplished workwise. Write out a list of tasks that need to be done and tackle them in order of importance.

Keep distractions to a minimum

Finding yourself wasting time on social media? Log out of all accounts and remove them from the tabs on your browser. Turn off the television if you find yourself glued to the news. If possible, put on headphones and listen to music or a podcast that keeps you motivated.

Take advantage of technology

There's a plethora of apps and software available to help with your workload. Connect with coworkers through video calls and screen shares, distribute files and calendars with cloud platforms and get quick answers with instant messaging.

Remember to still take breaks

Don't forget to schedule your regular breaks, including lunch, into your workday. If you struggle to get back at it, set an alarm.

Exercise and stretch regularly

Just as you should at the office, get up and move! Give your eyes a break from the screen and put the kettle one, refill your water bottle or grab a snack. Rock your best yoga poses or do some on the stop jumping jacks. If your kids are home with you, get the whole family involved!

Don't be too hard on yourself

After all, these are completely unprecedented times. Take it day by day and focus on the small accomplishments. You've got this!


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