SmartSheets® - 40 sheet roll

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No more damaged walls from tacks, tape, staples or glue!

These self-adhering sheets use the power of static charge to cling to most any hard, flat surface including drywall, wood, metal, glass, plastic - and even some fabrics - creating an instant writing or display area.

There's more - Stick Your Stuff ON SmartSheets®!

SmartSheets® transform a plain space into a portable information centre! Not only does the static quality of SmartSheets® allow the sheet to stick to a smooth flat surface, it also lets photos, photocopies and printouts cling effortlessly against itself. Simply rub the document against the SmartSheets® a few times - then let go. You've just created an instant Notice Board or Bulletin Board – anywhere, anytime – with SmartSheets®!

Easy, portable and versatile, SmartSheets® is a dynamic communication tool for business and home alike.

SmartSheets® are:

  • Simple and Easy to Use – No Assembly Required! Just pull out- smooth on – and write.
  • Safe – Won't Damage Hanging Surfaces with Tacks, Tape Staples or Glue.
  • Portable – Lightweight and Compact – a single dispenser weighs just 1.2 kg.
  • Reusable – More Durable than Paper, notes written with a dry erase marker can be erased and rewritten then rolled up and stored for future reference.
  • Recyclable – SmartSheets® Presentation sheets are recyclable as a polymers number 5 as its resin identification code. The dispenser and roll cores are recyclable with your other corrugate papers.
  • Easy Care – SmartSheets® Presentation stay Clean and Protected in their own Dispensing Container which can Sit Comfortably on a shelf or Hang for Easy Storage.