12 More Ways To Use SmartSheets

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12 More Ways To Use SmartSheets

SmartSheets are often used in the workplace for meetings, note-taking and training. But what are some other ways you can use SmartSheets? Check out this list below!

1. Study tools for students

2. Planning board for workshop projects

3. Shade screen (on windows)

4. Workout Routines in the home gym

5. Display school pictures, projects, report cards and artwork

6. Posting notices at community events

7. Coaching in the team locker room

8. Message board for family

9. Viewing screen (for projectors/PowerPoint)

10. Privacy (on windows)

11. Drawing and doodling

12. Recording club meetings

For more ways to use SmartSheets, check out our blog post, "6 other uses for SmartSheets."



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