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With schools closed until further notice, many families are experiencing a different way of learning for the first time. Homeschooling can be a difficult adjustment, so we put together ten reasons why SmartSheets can be a great addition to your new routine. 1. No need to buy a clunky whiteboard 2. SmartSheets are portable and lessons can take place in any room of the house 3. SmartSheets are electrostatically charged so there's no need for tacks, tape or glue 4. Using markers and SmartSheets is less messy than a blackboard and chalk 5. SmartSheets can be adjusted to the height of your...

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Homework - Write each child's homework assignments for the day/week/month and erase as completed. Lockers- Let your kids cut SmartSheets to fit inside their lockers They can use it to write messages back and forth with their friends or stick pictures using the static electricity. Calendars- Keep track of extracurricular activities, appointments, field trips and more! Tests- Your kids can practise spelling, math and other subjects. College dorms- Forget about the tape and sticky tack. Smooth SmartSheets onto the wall and photos of family and friends will cling to the sheet using static electricity. Lunches- Meal prep for the school...

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