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We know that people use SmartSheets for planning and taking notes at meetings, but we encourage you to think outside that blue box! We've seen some cool other uses for SmartSheets and thought we'd share them with you!Window shadesDo you get a glare from the sun certain times during the day? If curtains or blinds are not an option, use a sheet to create a window shade. If it's an odd shape, you can even cut it into the correct dimension. Table clothNeed to cover or protect a table in a pinch!? Use some SmartSheets! There won't be any overhang...

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You've probably heard of vision boards or dream boards before, but what are they and how do you make one? Read on for some ideas!What is a vision board?A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a collage created by the user for goal setting and manifestation purposes. The board usually contains images, affirmations and quotes meant to inspire and motivate its creator. What are the benefits of a vision board?The process of creating a vision board can help you narrow down and focus on what the goal or goals are that you'd like to achieve. Once the...

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